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Why I started this blog? 

Funny enough it all started innocentlywith me stumbling across a YouTube video of a young woman named Meaghan the book addict – (she has since closed her channel). She was doing a bookshelf tour, a what? I’d never heard of such a thing before. So I clicked on it, then another and another you get the idea. Suddenly my head was swimming, it was like finding lost relatives you never knew you had. Right before my eyes. I had discovered this  new world and it was filled with people like me, readers.

Who thought it was normal to own more than fifty books, having pristine covers and books didn’t  mean you were O.C.D , and this was the clincher it was normal to covet, even appreciated, beautiful  book covers.
I was home at last,  and no longer did I feel like a freak.  From that first video a desire to interact with my peers grew. Until I pulled my socks up and garnered some courage and created this blog, a YouTube channel, a facebook all in a week. I know I know that’s a lot but I do tend to go overboard a tad when I’m passionate about something. To think this all started from that one video blows my mind. So follow me as I navigate through this new world  of video and blogging.
Contact me :sonythebooklover@gmail.com

About This Blog


I started Sony The Book Lover in the winter of 2010. As way to arrange my thoughts and keep track of the books I’ve read, and see how my taste have changed in the passing of time. I was very weary of starting a review blog-what if I didn’t like the books would that be okay to say? Those were my concerns but I need not have worried the book community is very inclusive and welcoming hardly a drop of negativity.  In the past two years I worked hard to maintain this blog. Taking part in many Blog Tours, featuring guest post by authors. As well as trying new ideas like Fiction Mondays, Graphic Weekends, Author Spotlight. As my way of keeping the content fresh and informative.

Sony the Book Lover is still evolving I try to include all genres and often venture out of reading comfort zone, but my goal no my hope is to become a hub for book related content. From giveaways, hosted contest, news to reviews. For Middle Grade| Young Adult | New Adult | Adult Fiction as well.

Where to Find me:

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 Bonus About me Trivia:
Favourite Books: (series)Twilight Saga Series, Strange Angel series, Mercy Thompson,
(stand alone) The Lovely Bones, The Expressologist, The Bool Thief.
Favourite TV Shows: Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, Castle, The Mentalist, Being Human/ Dr Who ( U.K )
Misfits (U.K)   The Fades (U.K) Vampire Prosecutor (Korean) and many more…
Favourite Movies:  (U.K) SnatchLove And Other Diasaters, (Korean ) My wife is a gangsterTwilight   Saga movies, The Bourne Identity movies.
Favourite Music: Metric, Regina Spector, Muse, Linkin Park, The Noisettes, Matt and Kim, Rilo Kilely, and many more.




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  • 2013 Debut Author’s Arc Tour
  • 50 Book Reading Challenge



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FTC Disclaimer

The FTC has regulations  state that I have to inform you that yes I receive free books and sometimes products to review (books/eBooks in general).  To read and write an honest review about them then they’re are posted on my blog. I do no receive monetary compensation for these particular reviews, which convey my honest honest opinion of the products/books be it positive or negative which is clearly stated in all of my current reviews.

Affilate Programs

Advertising-Advertising on book blogs is a tricky subject because some blogs are inundated with ads but here on Sony The Book Lover I try to integrate  them into to the blog in a way that’s allows the ads to stand out but blend into to the background as well maintaing a simple uncluttered layout. Any proceeds received from adverts are used to maintain this blog, giveaways or events.

Amazon Associate Links

Sony the Book Lover blog  is an Amazon Associate and yes we do receive  compensation from clicks to Amazon that result in a purchase(s). You are not required or obligated to click on these ads or widgets which comprise of mostly shop now button or links. Amazon Associate links are discreetly place in the side bars.





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1 Comment on About Us

    1. Elena…

      May 6, 2012 at 11:07 am (4 years ago)

      You don’t like “true blood” ?
      I’m an addict of this serie ^^

      As you, I love Twilight (books, films & music) and Mercy Thompson books
      Vampire Diaries is great (books & TV serie) but I have only the first one season, the second delay going out in France. :(

      Sorry if my english is bad, I try to improve.


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