[Cover SHOW-OFF] The Rocky Approach To Life

By Sonythebooklover

πŸ₯Š COVER SHOW-OFF: The Rocky Approach To Life by Manuel Fernandez πŸ₯Š

We’re thrilled to show-off the cover of Manuel Fernandez’s latest self-help book, “The Rocky Approach To Life”! Drawing from his diverse background as an author, Manuel delivers a powerful message on facing life’s challenges with the same tenacity as a boxer in the ring.

Manuel Fernandez, born in Havana, Cuba, and raised in Denver, Colorado, has already captured readers’ hearts with his children’s story, “The Little Blue Fish,” and his self-help book, “Pick Me Up.” He has also ventured into the world of science fiction with his series “Wolf Battle and the Hidden World,” and its sequel, “Wolf Battle, The Legend Begins.”

In “The Rocky Approach To Life,” Manuel compares life’s trials and tribulations to a boxing match, urging readers to face their fears and regrets with courage and resilience. No matter where you stand in life, today is a new day, and the right time to start training to tackle the challenges that plague your soul.

Go hereΒ to see the full cover for “The Rocky Approach To Life” and get ready to step into the ring and embrace your inner fighter!