First Time: The Legend Of Garison Fitch

By Sonythebooklover

First Time: The Legend Of Garison Fitch by Samuel Ben White

What drew me to this book was the concept it was intriguing and I wanted to see how it would be executed. Because time travel is not a new concept and it takes finesse to keep the story from becoming a cartoonish mess. Still First Time was entertaining a few twist that kept the story interesting. I loved the subplot entertaining the idea of alternate histories and parallel dimensions. As well as the time paradox element it was provocative. Especially the repercussions that had realistic consequences resulting from Garison’s mishap. Raising all sorts of questions about one’s reality. The romantic facet  was sweet but  if not a little confusing with the different time lines.

Having said that I had an issues I couldn’t ignore—the religious element scattered (and I do mean scattered) through out the book at times felt heavy handed (maybe that’s just me). But I’d be reading along and bam there’d be some religious reference to Christianity. Though it’s not distracting from the story  you do notice it’s presence. Four hundreds pages was adventurous undertaking and it started to show some. The plot’s pacing was slow most of the time but when any action occurred I found myself feverishly plowing through to  find out what happened next. Still at the the end of the day it was a fun read for a sunday afternoon after church, but for me this was three point five rating. The religious element was the down fall-honestly I don’t have a problem with religion but this book’s genre is not clearly stated as or listed among the Christian fiction. And forewarned at least you know what to expect  otherwise it can be a turn off coming upon it unexpectedly.

Disclaimer: I also try to be honest and impartial in my reviews my goal is not to tear down a writers work but to offer my most humble constructive opinions. Be it negative or positive it meant to be taken as such, after all these are just my opinions so please take it with a grain of salt.

Rating: 3.5/5




  • Title: First Time: The Legend Of Garison Fitch by Samuel Ben White
  • Published: October 7, 2012
  • Publisher: BookSurge Publishing
  • Genre: Science Fiction
  • Rating: 3.5 / 5
  • Source: Books Blast Blog Tours
  • Age group: 16+
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 404
  • Buy: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

“What if history didn’t happen that way … the first time?”

Garison Fitch was one of the most revered scientists in the Soviet Americas until he left fame behind to work on a secret project in his log cabin in the mountains of Marx. But something went wrong. Instead of traveling interdimentionally, Garison has traveled through time … twice.

Now, he’s in something called “The United States of America” and a woman he’s never met before is calling herself his wife. It it a hoax? Or, has he somehow changed history? If so, can he return the world to what he believes is “normal”, or must he live in this strange world he created?

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