December 19

Twisted Fairytale Confessions Blog Tour

By Sonythebooklover

December 19, 2022

Twisted Fairytale Confessions Blog Tour

Twisted Fairytale Confessions Blog Tour

Twisted Fairy Tales Snow White’s expert part of the Twisted Fairy Tales Confession Blog Tour.

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{New York City, Imminent Future in the 21st Century} {Alias: Snow White}

The provocative scent of the once unnamed vigilante lingered on my chiffon curtains. Motorcycle exhaust mixed with his signature cologne. Other than his aphrodisiac essence, there was no other indication that he’d been inside my penthouse tonight. Even so, I knew he’d been here all night to protect me from the Seven, a demonic mob that claimed New York City for their Queen. Drawing back the curtains, I gazed through the balcony windows that overlooked the Big Apple. The city was particularly enchanting when the sun cast vibrant hues over the brilliant architecture built by our forefathers—unremarkable commoners who’d been long forgotten by all but one. The Huntsman bore witness to the rise and fall of nations, oversaw queens and kings come to power, and had washed more blood off his hands than any wartime criminal. Yet, he was never mentioned in textbooks, on the news, or God forbid, the tabloids. He might as well have been a ghost for he’d claimed no name for nearly two centuries. The Huntsman was the most unrenowned person alive; yet, he pestered my every waking thought. The natural beauty of the skyline almost overshadowed the fact that the city was diseased with black magic: alchemy of Seventh degree. Nevertheless, a debutante such as myself, could pretend the necromantic sickness enslaving the city did not exist. The fashion, propaganda, high-end lifestyle, limelight, and little white lies were enough to ignore the evil festering in the city below. Furthermore, half of the city paid dues to White Industries. My Enterprise. My credit cards had no balance limit because of the good fortune this city had provided me. However, I knew that the Huntsman saw a different scene gazing upon the greatest city on Earth. It was a city that came with power; a city that thrived off of the almighty dollar; a city that brewed with dark magic. It was the city to which he had been condemned to so long ago by the Queen who swore no allegiance to the Americans. If I closed my eyes, I could picture him leaning against the bronzed casing of the window beside me. I envisioned him looking down at the citizens with a vengeful jealousy. They lived the lives they wanted. He did not. Yet, he had come for me on his own accord. That he was in my penthouse tonight was not to be mistaken with his newfound freedom. No, it wasn’t a simple coincidence that what he was ordered to do and what he so desperately sought were one and the same. Me.

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